Just this week, "GTA 5" tipster Funmw2 posted a comment on a "GTA" Forums thread about a missing FOS V4 capture from 2013. GTA via, gTA Online 's, after Hours update, which lands on July. In addition to the improvementsof the Heists DLC, there are now rumors that Rockstar will be adding a casino DLC very soon with an imminent release date. Some speak of Mansion, others of Casino, and some think that the upcoming expansion will have both, as well as a series of other goodies to go around. There are a few signs pointing to an impending release of the Casino DLC. Rockstar has also teased the release of some additional bonuses at a later date. According to the latest rumors and supposed leaks, the Casino DLC will bring more than just poker and blackjack to the single and multiplayer version of the game, but gambling minigames too, slot machines, horse racing and lotteries. GTA V, celebrity named iCrazyTeddy states that there is casino code as well as some leaked audio files from DomisLive, who provided a lot of leaked information about the DLC Heists before its release. .

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