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Lowbacca reported back that the Yuuzhan Vong were moving Solo's body, and Alema Rar, along with Zekk, Jaina Solo and Tahiri Veila, set off to recover the young Jedi's corpse. Defending Ebaq 9 were the forces of Agamarian General KeyanFarlander, along with Twins Suns Squadron. FBI Budget Request for Fiscal Year 2019. 16 Rar next saw action in the Pyria system, where on the planet Borleias elements of the New Republic Third Fleet, commanded by General Wedge Antilles, had set up a defense, in the hopes of stalling the Yuuzhan Vong fleet until the New Republic's government. Other events, now distant, also held sway over the Twi'lek Jedi Knight. Rar did not intend to defeat her opponent with her lightsaber, however, and she fought a holding action against Organa Solo as the Duracrud made its approach. Upgrade your travel IQ now, rent a car. On the worldship's surface, the team trekked across through various traps, which Rar's experience on New Plympto enabled them to avoid. 5 Supported by Alema Rar, Plo schemed to turn the Galactic Alliance against the Killiks in the hope that Chief of State Omas would allow the Chiss free rein in dealing with the insectoids, leading to an uninterrupted war between the Chiss and the Killiks. The Solos, however, had discerned the Twi'lek's deception, and as Organa Solo ignited her own blade, Rar realized she had to incapacitate some of her enemies.

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The Twi'lek observed the meeting in secret, as did two othersLumiya, and a powerful Jedi who had followed Ben Skywalker book of rar mobile to the meeting and concealed his or herself in the Force. Optional AES encryption increased from 128-bit to 256-bit. This knowledge encouraged her to enter swiftly, and she killed the Nikto guard after a short interrogation as to Solo's whereabouts. Rogue Squadron concealed themselves in a cargo container attached to the transport, and YVH droids waited, sealed in crates, in the vessel's holds. 8 Unbeknownst to Alema Rar or the other Myrkr team survivors, another member of the strike force, the long lost Raynar Thul, had survived his mid-mission abduction by Lomi Plo and Welk. Do you think we seek refuge while Jacen Solo is out there fighting for the Balance? 5 Raynar Thul, leader of the Killiks and the unwitting servant of Lomi Plo. book of rar mobile

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